Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Young Men’s Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a serious health issue that can have a negative impact on a man’s psychosocial well-being. ED has long been thought to be a condition of old age, but new evidence reveals that ED is becoming more common in males under the age of 40. The process of obtaining an erection is complex, with numerous systems that can be interrupted. Before pursuing potentially costly and intrusive therapy approaches, it is crucial to understand the precise causes of ED. Advances in diagnostic and therapy technologies are allowing young men with ED to be identified and managed.

erectile dysfunction in young men


The goal of this paper is to offer an update on the prevalence and risk factors of ED in young males, as well as a framework to help doctors identify and manage the affected young man.


A thorough examination of the literature on ED in young men.

Measures of the Main Outcomes

The prevalence of ED in young males was calculated using data from recent epidemiologic research. We looked at pathophysiology, diagnostic concerns, risk factors, and etiologies.


The prevalence of ED in young men has been reported to be as high as 30% in large multinational research. ED etiologies have been classified into psychogenic and organic causes in several investigations. Depression, anxiety, and partner-related issues are all psychogenic etiologies of Male Sexual Dysfunction. These individuals typically have a rapid onset of symptoms, with low libido and decent quality spontaneous or self-stimulated maintaining erections. Vasculogenic, endocrinologic, neurogenic, iatrogenic, and structural components are among the organic etiologies. These people usually develop symptoms gradually and have a low to normal libido. Conservative therapies like phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors are still the gold standard.


The problem of ED in young guys is becoming more widespread. To ensure proper patient management, a thorough diagnostic evaluation should focus on identifying any underlying cause.dsae

Introducing CaverStem®: The Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)


What is CaverStem®?

CaverStem® is the only FDA-approved technique performed by a licensed physician that uses the patient’s own stem cells to repair damaged tissue, making it a safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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Satisfied Patient Testimonial

ED is a little embarrassing to talk about, but I want you to know your situation can change. CaverStem has definitely improved my confidence, and I think my wife and I have a better, more intimate relationship because of it! It's amazing that at just three weeks after the procedure we started to notice the difference, and at three months, it was just incredible the changes that had taken place. We've enjoyed lovemaking so much more than before. It improved our marriage and our love life for sure. I would totally recommend CaverStem to anybody suffering from ED.

Mike P. Age 57, Colorado

How Does CaverStem Work?

Step 1

Harvest Patient’s Bone Marrow

  • In physician’s office
  • Local anesthetic

Step 2

Cells Harvested from Bone Marrow

Stem cell product containing endothelial progenitor cells, hematopoietic and mesenchymal cells without the dilution and contamination of blood.

Step 3

Stem Cells Injection

  • No rejection
  • Stimulates natural healing and improvement of muscle and blood vessels
  • Durable results

30 Minute Procedure

Take Control

Pick the day and time that works best for you.

One of our staff members will contact you at your preferred time to discuss if you qualify for the CaverStem procedure.

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